What Type of Sailing or Boating do people really want?

When you enjoy, or indeed love, to sail or go boating it is easy to just jump at the first opportunity that comes along to get on the water and end up with an experience that does’nt really fall into the category of pleasurable sailing or boating. Maybe good fun to look back on over a beer or glass of wine later in the pub, but not totally enjoyable!

With the lack of free time and resources available to most of us I guess this is no surprise!

However, when you have had the time to plan what you are going to do, sailing with friends on their own boat, possibly a holiday in the UK or abroad, possibly an overseas RYA Sailing or Powerboat Course or even a Holiday Charter with someone like ourselves!

If it is the latter option you choose, what is it that you are really looking for from your experience? Maybe you can let me know how important some of the following are to you:-

Is being met at the airport and having your transfers arranged important?

I guess everybody is going to say that the quality and cleanliness of the yacht/boat you go to sail and live on are important but does the size, newness of the yacht and the quality/newness of the equipment onboard that make it worth spending a little extra on your trip? Or are you happy to have a smaller, older yacht where the equipment is used but serviceable and the trip is 10-15% cheaper?

Is it important to pick an exact date that suits your schedule or are you happy to fall in with dates that are advertised as available?

Thanks in advance if you dochoose to share your thoughts with us, that would be great! Please also let me know what else you feel is important to you when you book something like this.

Happy Sailing


PS  This picture is a good idea of what I’m talking about! Which yacht is for you?

Charlie Fox & Endeavour213.xcf

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